Deligio: Software Search Engine

Deligio: Deligi-~ Deligo ; Is the latin translation for to pick, to pluck. Search software in the Deligio tree and pick what you need… Deligio claims to be a search engine devoted to software. The site encourages users to create accounts where they can add software that they use / like just as one adds website bookmarks on sites like digg or reddit. Software can be tagged to make it easier to find. They can also be rated – there’s a five star visual indicator although like all opinions on the Net and off, YMMV.

What I like about the site is its relatively clean interface and the fact that they include non-Windows software as well. As more and more people join the community and put in their reviews, we should see it gain popularity.

I would like to see the ability to edit each program entry’s description and tags added in the future. If someone has already added the software, there doesn’t seem to be a way for others to edit it – something that should be included to allow for new features and abilities as versions keep changing.
Ordinarily, I would perform a search at the usual suspects of sites like Google Groups’ alt.comp.freeware, tucows,, CNet etc. and of course the run-of-the-mill search engines – Google / Yahoo / MSN. Let’s see how this site turns out.

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