Acrobat Reader Lite

acrobat 9

Adobe recently released version 9 of their famed Acrobat reader. It’s packed with new features mostly related to integration with the new site, but all that does is take away from the fact that it’s supposed to be first and foremost a reader to open and read PDF files. Bloat has crept in and the installer alone now weighs in at a massive 34.6 MB.

Most geeks I know would recommend alternatives like Foxit Reader or Sumatra, but neither of these smaller installs provide the rendering of fonts and images as faithfully as Acrobat Reader does. So – how can one get the best of both worlds – faithful rendering and a small size? Enter Acrobat Reader Lite. It’s Acrobat Reader 9 that’s repackaged to deliver the best performance without cluttering your system with loaders or the excess plugins and advertising that comes standard with default install. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. The installer is half the size @ 16.5 MB.

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