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acrobat 9

Adobe recently released version 9 of their famed Acrobat reader. It’s packed with new features mostly related to integration with the new site, but all that does is take away from the fact that it’s supposed to be first and foremost a reader to open and read PDF files. Bloat has crept in and the installer alone now weighs in at a massive 34.6 MB.

Most geeks I know would recommend alternatives like Foxit Reader or Sumatra, but neither of these smaller installs provide the rendering of fonts and images as faithfully as Acrobat Reader does. So – how can one get the best of both worlds – faithful rendering and a small size? Enter Acrobat Reader Lite. It’s Acrobat Reader 9 that’s repackaged to deliver the best performance without cluttering your system with loaders or the excess plugins and advertising that comes standard with default install. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself. The installer is half the size @ 16.5 MB.

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Help Firefox set a World Record!

Download Day - English

Mozilla, in its ongoing bid, to increase penetration and usage of the Firefox 3 browser is asking users to come together to help set a new Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloads in 24 hours. Mozilla is trying for a record in a new category, according to a representative of the firm. That means it doesn’t have an existing mark to better. The open source browser outfit aims to secure over 1.6m downloads over 24 hours.

D-Day or Download Day ,hasn’t been fixed as yet is now set for Tuesday, 17 June 2008 due to the fact that a last-ditch release candidate version (RC2) will be due out shortly next week. has a new section where you can pledge to download Firefox3 during Download Day to help create the record. Entering your email address will send a reminder to your mailbox and also make sure that you’re part of the neat statistics map of users who have pledged to help set the record.

Mozilla decided to release a second release candidate for Firefox 3.0 at a meeting on Tuesday, in response to the discovery of 10 performance and stability bugs.  Yet another round of testing is the best thing to do rather than have most users move on due to known bugs.

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Opera Mini: Mobile Phone Browser

First a little background:
I’m all for the usage and development of alternative web browsers. It’s not that Internet Explorer (IE) is bad per se, it’s just that security and features wise it’s simply unusable without an external shell like Maxthon. This is true even for the newest v7, although truth be told it’s a much better improvement than v6. Over the last few months, Firefox has gained worldwide recognition as being one of the most solid competitors / replacements to challenge IE’s continued domination of the browser market. The Opera desktop browser has always been on the forefront of innovation and has always been as standards-compliant as possible. Features like mouse gestures, tabbed browsing etc. were an integral part of the feature-set of Opera many many months before they were included in the more mainstream browsers.

Opera Mini Start Page

Carrying on this tradition, the Opera Mini browser is available for use on a wide variety of cell-phones. I currently use a Sony Ericsson K750i and the default WAP browser, which although usable is no match for Opera Mini. The latest version to roll off the coding line is OM v4.1.

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