Deligio: Software Search Engine

Deligio: Deligi-~ Deligo ; Is the latin translation for to pick, to pluck. Search software in the Deligio tree and pick what you need… Deligio claims to be a search engine devoted to software. The site encourages users to create accounts where they can add software that they use / like just as one adds website bookmarks on sites like digg or reddit. Software can be tagged to make it easier to find. They can also be rated – there’s a five star visual indicator although like all opinions on the Net and off, YMMV.

What I like about the site is its relatively clean interface and the fact that they include non-Windows software as well. As more and more people join the community and put in their reviews, we should see it gain popularity.

I would like to see the ability to edit each program entry’s description and tags added in the future. If someone has already added the software, there doesn’t seem to be a way for others to edit it – something that should be included to allow for new features and abilities as versions keep changing.
Ordinarily, I would perform a search at the usual suspects of sites like Google Groups’ alt.comp.freeware, tucows,, CNet etc. and of course the run-of-the-mill search engines – Google / Yahoo / MSN. Let’s see how this site turns out.

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Linux Distribution Chooser

Linux Distro Chooser
ZeGenie Studios, a Norwegian development firm have come up with a very novel and immensely useful idea to help new and struggling users of Linux. Their questionnaire based selection picker asks the user a series of questions regarding what s/he is looking for in a Linux distro and accordingly makes recommendations so the user can make an informed decision about which distro would suit their needs best.

The following Linux distributions are curently included :

Fedora Core
Yellowdog Linux
Foresight Linux

What I like about the test is that it asks simple questions based on your skill set level and proceeds accordingly. At the end, when its recommendations are displayed to the user, you get reasons why the candidate that is displayed has been selected for you. Another good thing is that the next closest alternatives are also displayed to give you a range of choices.

Informative links leading to Wikipedia pages act as a sort of glossary so users can see the meanings of terms that they don’t currently understand. All-in-all a very useful tool for newbies who want to shift to Linux but don’t know which distro to install.

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